At Camp Mini Gan Israel we offer a unique program designed specifically for toddlers

and preschoolers. Your child is guaranteed to thrive in our warm and nurturing

atmosphere. Our program helps strengthen each camper’s social - emotional and

physical skills and focus through many varied activities and experiences. Some of our

activities include: Super soccer, T-ball, Water play & Splash pool, Challah baking &

Grand Shabbat Celebrations, Music & Movement, Yoga, Art, Mini chefs, Silly Science,

Nature adventures and Live Animal experiences.

My First Summer

My First Summer is a wonderful first taste of summer camp! Campers get to experience

all the fun of camp, at a relaxed and gentle pace. To keep this age engaged, each

activity is scheduled in 10 minute slots. If your child is attending school in the Fall, my

First Summer Group will help your child become more independent and get ready for a first



Campers in our Goldfish group get to experience real summer camp! Each day is filled

with active and exciting activities that keep our campers engaged and encourage

creativity . Our Goldfish campers spend lots of time outdoors playing sports, enjoying

the playground, and participating in water activities and field games. Special emphasis

is placed on helping our campers express themselves, gain independence and make

new friends.