Music together:
Rhythm, instruments, singing and dancing. Music together is an internationally recognized early childhood music and movement program that taps into and encourages every Childs innate musical ability and enthusiasm. The program leads them through primary music development to basic music competence.

Instructor: Ina Ferrara

Combine the structure and excitement of a creative movement class with yoga positions and imagery.our yoga incorporates music props and an active pace while teaching children the basic yoga poses.every class is another adventure.

Instructor: Dee Ezagui

With it's basic components of coordination, flexibility, strength and balance, gymnastics provides the foundation to develop ones inherent sports potential. Our program provides top quality gymnastics instruction that is an enjoyable, high energy introduction to the sport.

Instructor: Jeff Bodio
(Jeff's Gymnastics Center of the Hamptons)

Sports Games:
Instruction will focus on the fundamental skills and understanding of soccer, baseball and other sports games.special attention is given to promote good sportsmanship and teamwork.

Instructor: Coach Daren
(Colonial Sports Group)

Swimming for the 4's program:
We offer swimming twice a week in the Southampton's full size swimming pool,with an instructor to child ratio of 1:3 children. Each child will receive a full swimming lesson as they are introduced to the sport in a fun and loving way.

Aquatic Director: Vicki Boneguro

Animal adventures:
Our nature sessions offer a unique combination of education ,creativity,and hands on activities with many different small animals.the children learn about the animalshabitats and unique characteristics.

Instructor: Long Island Science Museum

Concerts with Bobby Doowah:
His contagious enthusiasm ,originality and creativity have been captivating and entertaining children for over 15 children of camp gan israel can experience the magic of this wonderful Jewish Children's entertainer.